Correlations between stem anatomy and growth vigor in selected plum rootstock genotypes

Murat İsfendiyaroğlu

Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture

Andaç Çavdar

Agean Agricultural Research Institute


Turkey is particularly one of the centres of origin where many cultivars of Prunus cerasifera Ehrh., P. institia L. and P. spinosa L. occured. These species have been worldwide considered with their rootstock features. In this study, correlations between plant growth vigor and sturucture of vascular elements in some plum rootstock genotypes were examined. For this purpose, 12 different wild P. cerasifera genotypes were used together with some commercially evaluated rootstocks as control. Results showed that plant elongation augmented in parallel with the increments in xylem diameter and xylem area ratio. Increases in cortex area ratio decreased the tree height. Moreover, the plant height was decreased by the elongation of xylem vessels in the vertical axis, but was increased by the decrease in xylem vessel area and the decrease in xylem vessel area increased the plant height. Comparing the entire evaluating genotypes, T7 and B9 were the most dwarf, while 17 and B6 the most vigorous once was concluded. In this study, a method which would accelerate the rootstock breeding works by using the structure of plant vascular elements, to predict the growth vigour as a pre-selection criteria which is important in plum rootstock selection was exposed.


Prunus spp., dwarfing, histology, cortex, xylem, vessel

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Murat İsfendiyaroğlu 
Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture
Andaç Çavdar 
Agean Agricultural Research Institute



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