DYNAMICS OF NUMBER OF Metopolophium dirhodum (Walk.) (Hemiptera, Aphididae) OCCURRING ON SHRUBS OF ROSES IN LUBLIN

Katarzyna Kmieć

Agricultural University in Lublin


The purpose of the studies was to observe the dynamics of number of Metopolophium dirhodum (Walk.) on rugosa rose, multiflowered rose, park rose cv. ‘Grandhotel’ and different varieties of border roses. Observations were conducted in four different sites in the green area of Lublin in the years 2001–2003. M. dirhodum was observed on all the analyzed roses. Annually this aphid colonized only the shrubs of rugosa rose and park rose ‘Grandhotel’ in all the sites. This is a host-alternating species, with the migration to the summer host of obligatory character (the colonies were observed in spring and autumn). The weather conditions had a significant effect on the date of the spring appearance and the autumn disappearance of aphids. The most numerous aphids were observed in the street site, while in the park one the population of this aphid was the lowest. Rosa rugosa was exceptionally willingly colonized by M. dirhodum. Those aphids occurred there in much higher numbers as compared with the other roses.


Metopolophium dirhodum (Walk.), roses, number’s dynamic of aphids, weather, city green areas

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Katarzyna Kmieć 
Agricultural University in Lublin



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