Andrzej Gatz

University of Technology and Life Sciences in BydgoszczUniversity of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz


The physiological state of plant material is the crucial endogenous factor at the explant choice for plant regeneration. The phases of germination characterised by various, following each other biochemical and developmental processes can affect the organogenesis capability. This research examined the morphological and anatomical events during the early stages of organogenesis and plant regeneration in explants derived from seeds of Capsicum annuum L., cv. Bryza preincubated under high humidity conditions from 0 to 6 days and next cultured on MS medium without PGRs. The early stage of de novo shoot formation reminded leaf differentiation in planta. First the leaves began to differentiate as spherical and tongue shaped structures from epidermis and subjacent layers of the explants about the 7th day of culture. In some cases nearly at the base of previously formed leaf and even on its petiole one or two leaves as well as shoot apex in their axils
were induced thereby forming young shoot which underwent elongation and whole plant regeneration after 2 subculturing. More advanced developmentally structures of adventitious shoot were obtained while prolonging preculture duration. This was the favourable effect on the shoot differentiation, their elongation and plant regeneration as seed submitted preculture for 3, 4, 5 days however, seeds not treated with preculture revealed the best response as regard to shoot primordium formation at the earliest stage.


pepper, shoot morphogenesis, germination, histogenesis, leaf formation in vitro, plant regeneration without PGRs, shoot apical meristem

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Andrzej Gatz 
University of Technology and Life Sciences in BydgoszczUniversity of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz



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