Effect of gibberellic acid on the quality of cut leaves of Zantedeschia elliottiana (W. Wats.) Engl.

Beata Janowska

Agricultural University of Poznań

Marek Jerzy

Agricultural University of Poznań


Over 2000–2001 the Department of Ornamental Plants in Poznań carried out two experiments which aimed at defining the effect of the gibberellic acid on post-harvest leaf quality of Zantedeschia elliottiana (W.Wats.) Engl.: ‘Florex Gold’ and ‘Black Magic’ . The leaves were conditioned and stored. Conditioning, in water solutions of Gibrescol at the concentration of 100, 200 and 300 mg·1-1 took 20 hours. Conditioning involved the application of Gibrescol which contained 98% of the gibberellic acid (GA3). Then the leaves were placed into water or into preservative solutions: 8HQC or 8HQS at the
concentration of 200 mg·1-1. The post-harvest leaf quality was defined in the growing room at the temperature of 18–20°C at 12-hour photoperiod and inflorescence light of the quantum irradiance of
25 µmol·m-2·s-1, while the air relative humidity was maintained at 70%. Stored leaves lost their decorative values little by little. Tips and margins of leaf blades were dried. Decrease of leaf weight and length of leaf petiole was also observed. The preservative solutions 8HQC and 8HQS significantly decreased the post-harvest quality of leaves.


Zantedeschia elliottiana (W. Wats.) Engl., gibberellic acid, cut leaves, quality

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Beata Janowska 
Agricultural University of Poznań
Marek Jerzy 
Agricultural University of Poznań



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