Mirosław Konopiński

University of Life Sciences in Lublin


Intensification in plant growing is a direct reason for deteriorating soil properties, as well as conditions of plant growth and development. Aiming at improvement of soil fertility and structure, conservation tillage, limiting the processes of soil environment degradation, is introduced into garden crop production techniques. Field experiments were conducted in the years 2006–2008, on grey brown podzolic soil of impermanent structure. The experimental plant was scorzonera (Scorzonera hispanica L.) of ‘Duplex’ cultivar. Three intercrop plants were considered in the studies: common vetch (Vicia sativa L.), phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia B.) and oats (Avena sativa L.). There were also two ways of pre-sowing soil tillage: a) complex of pre-sowing practices, sowing of intercrop plant (2nd decade of August), pre-winter ploughing and putting green matter into soil, b) complex of pre-sowing practices, sowing of intercrop plant (2nd decade of August), spring ploughing and putting plant matter into soil, as well as two plant growing methods: on ridges and on flat soil. Significantly advantageous effects of spring putting intercrops into soil, growing of scorzonera on ridges and ploughing the soil with oats upon the total root yield were demonstrated. The examined experiment factors, however, did not significantly affect inulin, protein and dry matter contents in scorzonera roots. The most favorable tillage combination, as to inulin productivity was growing of scorzonera on ridges after spring ploughing oats with soil.


scorzonera, intercrop plants, term of ploughing, ridges, inulin, protein

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Mirosław Konopiński 
University of Life Sciences in Lublin



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