Stanisław Wociór

Agricultural University in Lublin


The studies conducted in the years 2004–2006 in a production orchard in the habitat conditions of the Sandomierska Upland showed that the trees budded on the seedlings of wild cherry grew more strongly than on Colt rootstock. No significant differences were observed between the rootstocks as for the trunk thickness and the crown size of young trees planted in 2001. In the group of trees planted in 1996, which were in the period of full fruiting, the crowns of trees budded on wild cherry were significantly bigger than on Colt rootstock. No significant differences were found out in the yielding of trees on wild cherry and Colt rootstock. Considerable differences in the yielding between the studied years in the group of young trees with systematic increasion was effected by increase of crown. ‘Kordia’ cv. is a valuable cultivar for Sandomierska Upland. It begins late the fruiting period (the first commercial yield in the fifth year after planting); however, it gives attractive fruits and high productivity of trees.


sweet cherry, rootstock, yielding, growth

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Stanisław Wociór 
Agricultural University in Lublin



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