Włodzimierz Breś

Agricultural University in Poznań

Artur Sztuka

Agricultural University in Poznań

Agata Kozłowska

Agricultural University in Poznań


Studies were carried out in the years 2003–2004 in a greenhouse. Three nutrient solutions with differing contents of nitrogen and potassium for chrysanthemum fertigation were used. Influence of used fertilization on growth and development of plants data was very limited. No effect of the studied nutrient solutions on plant flowering term was found. For the fertigation of chrysanthemums from Time group grown from April till October in peat substrate nutrient solution containing 150–180 mg N-NO3·dm-3·and 210–252 mg K·dm-3·is recommended.


chrysanthemum, nutrient solution, nitrogen, potassium

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Włodzimierz Breś 
Agricultural University in Poznań
Artur Sztuka 
Agricultural University in Poznań
Agata Kozłowska 
Agricultural University in Poznań



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