Fusun Yurekli

Inonu University, Arts and Science Faculty, Deptartment of Biology, Malatya, Turkey

Oguz A. Kirecci

Bitlis Eren Universityi Hizan Vocational School, Bitlis, Turkey

Ilknur Celik

Inonu University, Arts and Science Faculty, Deptartment of Biology, Malatya, Turkey


The effects of externally applied sodium nitroprusside on superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), ascorbate peroxidase (APX), and catalase (CAT) antioxidant enzyme activities, nitric oxide (NO) levels have investigated in salt stress resistant and sensitive sunflower plants. NaCl treatments and SNP treatments simultaneous with salt application (NaCl + SNP) were performed. SOD, GPx, APX and CAT antioxidant enzyme activities and NO levels, showed differences in leaf tissues treated with 100 µM SNP, different concentrations of NaCl, and NaCl + SNP. SOD, GPx and APX enzyme activities were generally increased in sensitive variety but decreased in tolerant variety. However, while generally increase in CAT enzyme activity was determined in tolerant type, a reduction was established in sensitive type. An increase was determined in both types in NO levels. It is evident from these results that administration of NO donor SNP can cope with reactive oxygen species in both varieties. This study indicates that the negative effects of salt stress on different sun flower varieties can be recovered by nitric oxide.


salt stress, Helianthus annuus L., antioxidant enzymes, nitric oxide, SNP

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Yurekli, F., Kirecci, O. A., & Celik, I. (2019). THE EFFECTS OF NITRIC OXIDE ON SOME ANTIOXIDANT ENZYME ACTIVITIES UNDER SALT STRESS IN SUNFLOWER PLANTS. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Hortorum Cultus, 18(5), 171–179.

Fusun Yurekli 
Inonu University, Arts and Science Faculty, Deptartment of Biology, Malatya, Turkey
Oguz A. Kirecci 
Bitlis Eren Universityi Hizan Vocational School, Bitlis, Turkey
Ilknur Celik 
Inonu University, Arts and Science Faculty, Deptartment of Biology, Malatya, Turkey



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