Hasan Yilmaz

Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey


Agricultural insurance is one of the possible measures to meet the risks that may occur because of the natural disasters and to ensure continuity of production in agricultural sector. This study was conducted to evaluating the results of government supported crop insurance (GSCIS) policies in terms of the apple producers and to determine characteristics of both farms participating and non-participating in government supported crop insurance system in the Isparta province of Turkey. The data used in the study was obtained from 77 apple producers by using a questionnaire. The farms were chosen by random sampling method and the data were analyzed by the chi-square test which was used to test relationship among variables. The result of the analyses showed that there is a significant difference between the farms participating and non-participating in GSCIS, considering social security status, farmer’s experience, membership of a cooperative, agricultural income level, non agricultural income status, agricultural advisory status, internet use, agricultural credit use, tractor ownership, farmers’ experience in apple production, shapes of apple orchards and varieties of apples grown. In conclusion it is suggested that effective service delivery by insurance service providers will ensure continuity of producers’ participation in agricultural insurance and also participation by producers who are yet to participate. Producers should be informed and be aware of the studies about government supported crop insurance.


crop insurance, apple farms, participation insurance, risk management

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Hasan Yilmaz 
Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey



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