In vitro seed germination and shoot proliferation of bat flower (Tacca chantrieri Andre)

Ni Made Armini Wiendi

IPB University

Rezky Y.N. Sushanty

IPB University

Citra Alunna Sagita

- Krisantini

IPB University


Tacca chantrieri Andre, or bat flower, is a species from Taccaceae family that has unique inflorescences consisting of large, dark-colored bracts with long whiskers, making it suitable as ornamental pot plants. T. chantrieri leaves and rhizomes contain phytochemicals that have been reported to have medicinal properties. T. chantrieri is increasingly hard to find in their native habitat; their seeds have a very slow and low germination rate, whereas propagation in vivo by division takes a long time. A protocol is presented to optimize seed germination and in vitro propagation of T. chantrieri from West Borneo, Indonesia. We have developed a method to improve in vitro germination of freshly harvested T. chantrieri seeds. Pre-sowing treatment with 5 mg L –1 of GA3 for 5 × 24 h and addition of GA3 at 5 mg L–1 to the MS medium significantly promoted earlier and final germination up to >90% within 10 weeks after sowing compared to without GA3, or immersing in GA3 for shorter durations. MS media supplemented with indole acetic acid (IAA) at 0.5 mgL–1 and benzyl adenine (BA) at 1 or 2 mgL–1 was effective to induce shoot proliferation from in vitro germinated seeds; 7–10 shoots were produced after 12 weeks of culture. Shoot proliferation from basal shoot explants were best on MS supplemented with IAA at 0.5 mgL–1. The results of this study have provided a basis for further mass propagation efforts of T. chantrieri.


bat flower, cytokinin, auxin, Taccaceae

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Ni Made Armini Wiendi 
IPB University
Rezky Y.N. Sushanty 
IPB University
Citra Alunna Sagita 
- Krisantini 
IPB University



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