The influence of auxins on the rooting of microcuttings and acclimatization of plants of Columnea hirta Klotzsch et Hanst. Part II. The consequent influence in the greenhouse cultivation

Alicja Świstowska

Agricultural Academy in Lublin

Jerzy Hetman

Agricultural Academy in Lublin


The aim of this study was to investigate of the consequent influence of auxins: IAA, IBA, NAA, used in the medium in vitro in the concentrations: 5, 10, 20, 40 μM, on the growth and development of Columnea hirta plants in the greenhouse. Microcuttings were planted in the sphagnum peat and coconut fibre. The planting was compared in two terms: spring and summer. Auxins used for the rooting of shoots in tissue culture had an influence on the capability for acclimatization and development of the microcuttings. The best quality of plants was observed when microcuttings were rooted in vitro on the medium
containing 20 μM IBA, and then were cultured in the sphagnum peat during spring season.


Columnea hirta, IAA, IBA, NAA, rooting in vitro, consequent influence of auxins

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Alicja Świstowska 
Agricultural Academy in Lublin
Jerzy Hetman 
Agricultural Academy in Lublin



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