Jacek Gawroński

University of Life Sciences in Lublin


The material for the study consisted of F1 hybrid populations derived from crosses among strawberry genotypes such as: ‘Calypso’, ‘Evita’, ‘Ostara’, ‘Selva’ and
‘Senga Sengana’. The crosses were conducted in a complete diallel design in accordance with Griffing’s first method. In the analysed model, 8 quantitative characters such as: time of flowering and ripening, number of inflorescences, flowers per inflorescence, crowns and fruits as well as yield and average fruit weight were assessed. The obtained results showed that for the majority of analysed traits a considerable role is played by nonadditive genetic effects except for ripening time, for which additive genetic effects were essential. Heritability coefficients of broad sense were very high in almost all cases, whereas ones of narrow sense were low for most characters. Yield was positively correlated with number of fruits, inflorescences and crowns.


diallel cross, correlation coefficient, heritability, quantitative characters

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Jacek Gawroński 
University of Life Sciences in Lublin



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