The influence of auxins on the rooting of microcuttings and acclimation of plants of Columnea hirta Klotzsch et Hanst. Part . in in vitro culture

Alicja Świstowska

Agricultural Academy in Lublin

Danuta Kozak

Agricultural Academy in Lublin


The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of auxins and different their concentrations on rooting of Columnea hirta Klotzsch et Hanst. shoots in vitro. Shoots obtained from aseptically grown shoot clusters were cultured 3 weeks on Murashige and Skoog agar medium (MS) supplemented with: IAA, IBA or NAA in various concentrations: 5, 10, 20, 40 μM. Control cultures were incubated on MS medium devoid of any plant growth regulators. It was observed the significant influence of auxins on the growth of shoots, and the induction of roots. Microcuttings with the highest number of
roots (11.24) were obtained on the media with 10 μM IBA, where mean length of root was 5.93 mm. The best elongation of roots was observed on the medium with 5 μM NAA (11.32 mm), but NAA caused regeneration of callus tissue at the base of shoots. Shoots presented the best growth and multiplication potential on the medium containing 10 μM IAA.


auxin, rooting in vitro, Columnea hirta

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Alicja Świstowska 
Agricultural Academy in Lublin
Danuta Kozak 
Agricultural Academy in Lublin



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