Julė Jankauskienė

Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

Aušra Brazaitytė

Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

Česlovas Bobinas

Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

Pavelas Duchovskis

Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry


Transplant quality of tomato depend on such factors as microclimate parameter, substrate, plant nutrition and other. The growth stage is very important indices of their quality. The objective of research was to determine the effect of the growth stage of tomato transplants on their quality and yield. Research was carried out in a greenhouse of the Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in the period of 2008–2010. The investigated transplant growth stage of tomato cv. Cunero F1 5–6 leaves, 7–8 leaves and 9–10 leaves. Tomato transplants with 9–10 leaves were elongated and their leaves area were the highest. Plants with 7–8 leaves according to stem and leaves ratio were qualitative, accumulated in leaves the highest content of photosynthetic pigments and had the highest SLA. Tomato transplanted with older transplant started to flower the fastest compared to 5–6 leaves transplant. Higher total yield was produced by 7–8 leaves transplants. The least early yield was produced by 5–6 leaves transplant. The growth stage of tomato transplants had no effect on the average tomato
fruit weight.


tomato, yield, dry matter, photosynthetic pigments, fruit weight

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Julė Jankauskienė 
Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
Aušra Brazaitytė 
Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
Česlovas Bobinas 
Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
Pavelas Duchovskis 
Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry



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