Małgorzata Makowska

University College of Arts and Natural Science in Sandomierz

Edward Borowski

University of Agriculture in Lublin

Anna Ziemba

University of Agriculture in Lublin


The influence of the addition of Potassium Ekosorb to black soil and sandy soil on water content in soils, gas exchange in leaves and yielding of strawberry plants cultivar Senga Sengana, Dukat, Kent and Elsanta was estimated in a field experiment. The obtained results show that the addition of hydrogel increased content of water in both types of soil; however, the effect was on average twice higher in black soil than in sandy soil. The highest stomatal conductance of leaves, photosynthesis and transpiration were observed in plants cultivated in both black and sandy soil with the addition of 3 g dm-3 of hydrogel. The addition of higher dose influenced in an ambiguous way on the values of analyzed features of leaves. Yet, regardless of the applied dose of Ekosorb, the stomatal
conductance, transpiration and photosynthesis of plants cultivated in black soil were 1.8–2.9 times higher than in sandy soil. The highest yields of fruit on both types of soil were obtained from plants which took advantage of presence of 3 g dm-3 of hydrogel. The application of 6 g dm-3 influenced on decreasing of plant yields. The weakest reaction on both types of soil occurred in strawberry cultivar Elsanta.


strawberry, hydrogel, water content, gas exchange, yielding

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Małgorzata Makowska 
University College of Arts and Natural Science in Sandomierz
Edward Borowski 
University of Agriculture in Lublin
Anna Ziemba 
University of Agriculture in Lublin



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